CNA Florida - License requirements & Retest policy

Starting work as a certified nursing assistant in the state of Florida is one of the best ways to begin one’s career in the domain of nursing. It is one of the best ways to earn money, while at the same time having satisfaction of being of help to the needy, a factor which is not associated with any and every job. The people just starting work in this domain are also well paid, and they earn as much as an average of $28,000. Hence, it is a profession that anyone with a bent of mind to assist the sick persons can step in to; however they have to be well versed of the CNA Florida- License requirements and retest policy in that case, as firstly need to go through the licensing test of the state in order to obtain the CNA certificate to have a nursing assistant job in Florida.

As per the rules of the state of Florida, it has been stated that the Prometric Testing Services will be the authorized body for holding and scheduling the certification test for obtaining the CNA certificate. After having met all the requirements as well as some pre- requisites, the student can go ahead and sit for the CNA license examination as given by the Prometric Testing Services, consisting of the written section, which has to be finished within the duration of 90 minutes, and the practical section.   

For a candidate willing to go for the certification exam without attending training, the best part of the story is that the laws of the state of Florida allows the students to go for CNA license renewal test for three times. However, the retest can be taken after a month after the failure in the test. Hence, the students need not get disheartened at the first failure, sine he/she has two years before the final clearing of the test.

Things to Consider when applying for CNA License in Denver

Job opportunities for Certified Nurse Aides never cease to end. As the population grows old they require more number of hospitals and research centers to come up in order to provide effective health care solution to people across all ages and with variety of health care issues. These health care facilities require good number of health care professionals including CNA.

A CNA though a low rank job is as important as any other professionals. Since, the CNA remains in demand throughout the year, it provides a secure job opportunity. So, if you are serious about joining the health care sector as a CNA, you need to fulfill the criteria set by your home state as it differs from state to state. If you are wondering as to how to get CNA license in Denver, all you need to do is complete and pass the CNA certification program. These courses usually spans for about 120 hours and stretched over a period of four to six weeks, besides this course isn't very expensive on your pocket.

Usually this training program is divided into classroom and hands on clinical training. The program is designed so as to teach the candidates about various aspects of health care so that they can respond to any emergencies and real life situations in a manner that goes a long way into recuperation of a patient. This course is provided by various colleges, universities, vocational learning centers, institutes and it should cost you between $400 to $800.

After you successfully complete the CNA training program, you have to pass the CNA test and if you do, you get registered with the State Nurse Aide Registry. However, you also have to go through a detailed background checking by the concerned authorities before you are finally awarded with the CNA License Denver.

Don't forget to do CNA license renewal in every two years so as to continue to enjoy your job. You need to submit your identity proof, passport size photo, finger print and other documents as required by the State Nurse Board along with the requisite fee at the time of CNA license Verification. If you want to know more about license issues visit -

A valid CNA license is your key to an exciting career as CNA with various health care agencies. A full time CNA in Denver can make around $21,000 to $29,000 annually & why license is important for good salary (click here). You may not get glamorous salary but will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you bring positive change to someone's life and help them help themselves.

If the Lost CNA License and Need to Get a New One, Then What to Do?

Losing or misplacing a CNA license is common. Of course, we do not lose anything knowingly. Though we care for the license, sometime we cannot remember where it is kept. We are so deeply engrossed in the job or other things that we hardly think about it. After all, the license is not a regular document that is touched or used daily. We need it only at the time or renewal or changing a job so that the employer can see our qualification.

Luckily, you can get a replacement for your lost CNA license. The procedures to reapply for the new license may vary between states. The best place to get the information about securing a new license would be the nurse aide registry of your state. In all states, the registry or the testing-agency that works as a team, issues the license. Information from the licensing authority can be obtained by making a call or through an email. A personal visit and request to the registry for a reprint of certification would be the right decision.

Some states even allow you to apply for the replacement of CNA license online (more details regarding online license issues click here). There is no cost involved if you are in Virginia. However, other states may ask you to deposit a nominal charge for reissuing the license. Navigating through the pages of the registry's websites will also do the trick. There are information available on those pages that are simple and easy to follow. If you have the license number with you, it would expedite the replacement. In case you have failed to note it down, you can furnish your name, address and social security number.

It is possible that you might have lost your CNA license after the expiry date, and you have not applied for the CNA license renewal. If the registry found out that you have already passed the time in which you are supposed to renew your license, then you have to pass the exam once again. If you have applied for the renewal process in time, then you will receive it less than two months.

The only thing you can do when you have lost your CNA license is to follow the instructions the nurse aide registry expects for the replacement. Filling the form and providing correct and complete information as asked is necessary to receive the license.

The best thing to avoid the possibility of applying for the replacement of your CNA license is to make a copy of it and get it notarized by a notary. Make two photocopies and filed it in a safe place. Inform about it to at least one person from your family so that he/she may remind you in case you forgot.

Process to Replace CNA License  

If you have lost your CNA license, you can still get it replaced. There will be some fee associated with the issuance of the new card which will vary from state to state. However, the minimum fee you will have to pay will be not less than $25. The process to apply for a new card is simple and faster.

Contact the Nurse Aide Registry first. As the registry has issued you the license, they obviously have its details. Mostly, the process to apply and receive the new card will also differ among states just like the fee. Since it is an internal affair, the registry can guide you in securing one.

You can also apply for the replacement card by visiting the registry website. The online facility to communicate for license is offered by limited states. If there is an option in your state, just follow the instruction given on the website. A tab or small icon will show you where you can download an application form, which is a PDF form. You can either fill it and send it electronically, or take a print out and post it along with the fee in money order to the given address.

If you prefer to communicate with them in black and white, write an application requesting the license replacement and send it through a registered post. Just ensure that you are providing enough information to the authorities to issue the new license. Mostly, they will need your full name and complete address, with date of birth, SSN number, photocopy of a driving license, and license registration number if you remember ( for more context about license click here ).

Online license replacement is faster than the traditional post. It may take two weeks maximum to reach it in your mail Inbox. If you are willing to wait and have a hard copy, then the post will deliver it to your address. You will have to wait for 8 weeks, but it is worth since the new copy will have the seal and signature of the authority.

After receiving the new license, you must keep it in a safe place where there is no chance of losing it. Make additional copies of the license. Furthermore, remember your CNA license renewal date. Being alert about renewing your license would avert suspension and penalties.

In order to keep the license update, you must inform the registry about any changes in your name, address and contact number. This will help the registry to inform about the renewal and other formalities you have to follow to continue the nursing job.